Welcome everyone and thank you for accessing our hotsite specially created and stocked with information for everyone to prepare for the World Championship KARATE Iku in the city of Fortaleza Ceará in the period from 17 to 20 October 2019.
This event is being prepared with great affection, and awaits all delegations to know the wonders of our country, especially the city of Fortaleza.
We will be devoting ourselves to preventive remedy any failure and offer to all an event of logistics and organization Impar.
The success of this event? This in you athlete, your participation, see the court full of promising athletes, people who wear the shirt of the modality and seek to do their best. It is to see the grandstands full of fans who encourage in an orderly manner their competitors. Referees who are animated in another opportunity to show their quality and seek the success of the event and all of us.
The perfect gear is precisely the one where all these items work in a rhythmic way, partner, for a single direction. This is what we seek and hope to accomplish in this event.
Welcome to FORTALEZA-CEARÁ-Brazil. It's nice to be able to count on you. OS
S President Ceebk/Iku Gilles willemin